Chiropractic New Patient Academy takes the stress and time out of training your marketing assistant to create the growth your practice needs while leaving you to do what you do best - help your patients.

Results are so good I almost can’t believe it!

This month my Marketing Assistant brought in 30 new patients to my practice.

I have done different kinds of marketing in the past with mixed results and quite honestly at quite a higher expense per new patient through the door than what I am paying now.

What I really love is New Patient Academy’s turn key system.

I can focus on what I need to focus on, whether that be managing my practice or the ins and outs of treatment, knowing the NPA team is taking care of making sure my marketing is working.

They handle all of the training and all of the accountability with my Marketing Assistant.

And it’s just a win-win.

My Marketing Assistant gets great training and management via weekly check-ins, webinars etc and I get reliable results, regular stats - I couldn’t be happier.

For me, since I tried so many other things in the past, I wish I would have found NPA sooner.

If any other Doctors are considering doing it, I would certainly tell you to go for it.

If you want to grow your practice with quality patients, I would say definitely sign up you won’t be disappointed! 

- Dr. Troy Brunke

The Right Person

We help you find the right person for your practice using our 7 Step Hiring Filter to sort for candidates who are predisposed to excelling at marketing.

The Right Training

We train your marketing assistant in our step-by-step system for creating a flood of new patients through a mix of live one-day trainings, coaching calls, weekly webinars training manuals and videos.

The Right Support

In addition to the great start and ongoing training we ensure your marketing assistant stays on track with regular coaching and daily & weekly reporting.

“It’s been an incredible year for us!

Seeing 1223 new patients broke all our practice records - that’s over 100 new patients every month.

Actually, on one of those months we saw 150 new patients!

And more than half of those new patients have come from my New Patient Academy trained Marketing Assistant.

Although, at first, I wasn’t sure, joining the New Patient Academy (NPA) has been one of the best things we’ve done in our business.

My initial concern was the cost to join NPA and to pay a Marketing Assistant. But once I joined and got my Assistant going, I found out it was a no brainer because of all that she has done for our practice.

I mean we increased our collections by almost 35% last year.

We were just $38k away from 1 million dollars.

And my investment into my Marketing Assistant was a fraction of what she brought into the practice.

So, it really was a no-brainer!

They trained her in their turnkey process for getting new patients and they also helped me learn how to manage her.

Basically, my Marketing Assistant now schedules somewhere between 3 - 10 events in a week. And the great part is, I don’t have to go to these events, so I can get on with seeing and helping patients.”

-Dr. Roy Strickland

Internal Marketing

The Internal marketing module trains your marketing assistant on the most proven and effective strategies to bring in new patients using referrals, reviews, sight lines and more...

External Marketing

The External marketing module covers training in social media, live events, business verifications, practice authority building and much more...

Essential Skills

In the essential skills training module, your marketing assistant learns how to handle objections, how to engage in profit conversations, build confidence, become a new patient magnet and more...

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